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Sandrine Charraut


"Once upon a time there was a little Parisian girl called Sandrinette who lived in the Suburbs of the city of Light. To escape a difficult childhood, her godfather Louis, whom Sandrinette baptized as Vivi, taught her how to draw. First awkward drawings, then more elaborate, and in all of them, a great sun that illuminated the entire scene. Maybe that dark childhood prompted the need that Sandrinette had and still remains to illuminate everything around her."


It is a beginning like any other, but it was my beginning. The best I could have. First there was painting and then I discovered art in all its forms: photography, sculpture, crafts ... At 20 years old, at an Expo in Paris, I bought my first painting, a lithography by Valadié. When I met Valadié I immediately fell in love with her way of using light, the blue of her sea and of course, that mysterious woman in the back.
I started studying various techniques using some books, totally self-taught.
With this rudimentary background I painted my first watercolors in Ireland. I took an Arterapia course in Barcelona and in Toulouse I was a disciple of Rita di Benedetto with whom I learned drawing, pastel and ink-watercolor. She's the one who really taught me how to observe and draw. But it was in Pamplona with Begoña Barber where I learned the keys to oil painting.

Eclectic and cosmopolitan, passionate about travel, I love to immerse myself in customs where I am, meeting in unusual and unexpected gatherings. I really like photography, capturing the moment, looking at it from different angles, capturing scenes from life or facial expressions . I spend hours drawing on the terraces of cafes or on the beach.
That girl who is still in her heart, continues to put that great sun in the postcards of her day to day, a sun that focuses on the positive of her life and that of others, a way of looking at the world that has never been other than a way to survive.

Animated by my surroundings, by the intuition that I have to do it and by the need to share with you My Colors of Life, I create this place with which I would like to be able to put a little of my sun in your eyes.


Friends - their impressions

It’s very subjective to describe a very close Friend and even more, an Artist.

The best is to start with my first encounter with San: A Drawing workshop. Spontaneous and very warm contact. A young woman, smiling, open, very neat and attentive, rather outgoing. She occupies the space with a certain appearance of self-confidence.

Very solar. In society you cannot miss it! She draws LIGHT.

Then as our friendship progresses, I discover her extreme sensitivity, applied, concentrated, thoughtful with a lot of intuition, surprising endurance and tenacity towards the goal to be achieved. A fine curiosity for the people and the world around her. Then her doubts, her fears and internal fragility.

And here is our light which reveals its darker side.
Just what is essential to express yourself on canvas: It’s SAN CHA Artist.


Passionate about traveling, she tells us about her feelings, her perception of the present moment thanks to well-chosen photos. Then she throws feelings, emotions, memories in very colorful paintings.

Landscapes, encounters with persons who immortalize themselves on living, delicate, moving canvases that never leave indifferent. Sunsets, seaside, mountains, scenes of life as many themes evocative of hier happiness to live somewhere on our Planet. Art and Travel inseparable from awareness and understanding of life.

Her palette and style are refined, intensified and asserted over time.

Thank you to the Friend and the Artist who allows you today to discover and share his works.



Rapid outline, strong shading, intense amalgamation of colours but overall a deep eye …. San is like that, sunshine shines in the canvas as in her photographies even if it is rarely present; the light envelops all from the researched perspective while the focal point emerged as in a scenography.

The joy of life is real, sometimes flattened in the obscurity of a sunset, sometimes explosive in an impressionist nature; however, the orientation is usually original, not trivialized by the absence of energy or refinement.


San’s visual and artistic style is fumeux because she is still searching it or because her life does not allow her to have one?

With the photography is easier: your eye captures the image before the machine and it is usually the latter to fail; a painting takes more time, a longer reflection, that the colour dries, that idea and technique reached a balance.

Dripping is not welcomed yet.

However, the emotive framework is clear, the nature prevails, the architecture of faith, obscure and contoured, is a panorama that serves to bring out the colours of heart.

I believe that her style is unseable because on one side San Cha is too shy in presuming to have one as well as too conscious to follow that of others; in a mixture of certain insecurity.


I remain to look into her pictures and canvas and what I continue to admire is “light”.


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